1. My drains are gurgling and not draining. What would cause this?

    You have blocked drains.

  2. I have no hot water - what's the problem?

    There's a good chance that your solar or electric hot water unit needs a service or the tempering valve may be broken.

  3. I have no water pressure to my house and a huge water bill - what are the possible causes for this?

    You might have a broken water pipe or your irrigation systems may need looking at.

  4. I would like to build a house but am not sure what plumbing systems and products I need.

    We can design and offer advice on the best products to suit your budget.

  5. I would like to switch over from an electric hot water system to solar hot water. What's available and are there any government incentives?

    We can offer free quotes upon inspection and advise you of the most efficient and costeffective size solar hot water system for you. We can even help with the government rebates and related paper work!

  6. I would like to put a bathroom extension on the house - do you offer this service?

    Absolutely! Once we have the household plumbing drawings, we can design the new extension to comply with current building codes and provide you with certification once the job has been completed.

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